Annual Events


Near the best Tulum music festivals

The festivals in Tulum are simply epic! And the best part is that they happen all year round, so the fun never ends.

Imagine attending an art festival and witnessing the streets come to life with masterpieces, or immersing yourself in a music festival where the beats make you dance like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, we can’t forget about the food and beverage festivals, where exquisite flavors and refreshing cocktails delight even the most discerning palates.

The great thing is that you can plan your visit to the incredible Kimpton Aluna Resort Tulum based on the events that pique your interest the most. Whether you want to enjoy an art festival, a culinary festival, or even better, a music festival, we have something for everyone.

Some of our favorite festivals include Zamna Festival, Art with Me, Food, Liquors and Wine Festival, and Riviera Maya Jazz Fest, of which we’ll tell you a bit so you can get excited to experience them with the utmost comfort and safety that our hotel provides.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of festivals in Tulum. It will be an experience you’ll never forget!

Zamna Festival

End and start the year in a big celebration with Zamna, the ultimate electronic music festival in Tulum! Enjoy shows led by internationally renowned DJs, making this festival one of the top ones in the country. We invite you to stay tuned to this page for more details, which we will share as soon as the information becomes available.

Experience something unique at Kimpton Aluna Resort Tulum, where we offer comfort and luxury for you to fully enjoy the party!

Tulum Food, Spirits & Wine Festival

Get ready for an unparalleled culinary experience at this incredible 6-day hybrid gastronomic festival! Indulge in a variety of culinary delights prepared by talented local and international chefs. Embark on a journey through the finest restaurants, marvel at live cooking demonstrations, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this unique festival, all near our hotel in Tulum with the perfect accommodation. It’s an ideal opportunity to satisfy your palate and delight in incredible dishes that will leave you craving for more! 

Riviera Maya Jazz Fest

An unforgettable jazz festival! For days, the Mexican Caribbean is filled with the best jazz music, where lovers of this exciting genre delight in the talents of the finest musicians while enjoying concerts with breathtaking views of the sparkling Caribbean Sea. Don’t miss out on this unique experience filled with rhythm, melody, and the perfect accommodation at Kimpton Aluna Resort!