Mayan Ruins

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Past and present converge in paradise

The original site of Tulum, a walled city (Tulum means “walled city” in Mayan), has become a must-see for travelers looking to connect with the physical history of the Mayan civilization. Due to its excellent location overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and the superb preservation of its buildings and mural paintings, Tulum’s Archaeological Site is stands out amongst the ruins that can be found along the coast of Quintana Roo (and just a 15-minute bike ride from Kimpton Aluna Resort Tulum). But these aren’t the only Mayan ruins that visitors may want to seek out during their Tulum stay.

Tulum Archeological Zone

Wander the ancient walled city on the sea cliffs overlooking Playa Ruinas. Standout architecture includes the wall itself, Temple of the Frescoes, Temple of the Descending God and the central pyramid, El Castillo with three entrances ornamented with serpentine columns and two zoomorphic masks at the corners.


Just a 30-minute drive from Kimpton Aluna Resort Tulum, Muyil sits on the Sian Ka’an Lagoon and is thought to be one of the earliest and longest inhabited ancient Mayan sites on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Chichen Itza

A two-hour drive from Kimpton Aluna Resort Tulum, a trip to Chichen Itza is a highly recommended day trip from Tulum. Marvel at one of the largest Mayan cities, home to another El Castillo also known as the Temple of Kukulcán.